Selective Process

Admission, Selection, Enrollment, Transfer and Readmission of the Students

 Bylaws of the Graduation Program in Interdisciplinary Studies on Women, Gender and Feminism

Art. 9 º – Registrations for selection of candidates for stricto sensu graduate courses will be opened by prorector of research and graduation, and the registration will be carried out according to general rules of registration in force.

Art. 10 – The master's degree is open, by selection, to candidates/graduates in a full course of duration in related areas or so defined by the collegiate of the course.

Art. 11-The selection of candidates to master's will be made by a selection committee, consisting of at least three members and designated by the collegiate. The selection will be made through:

  • Written examination;
  • Dissertation Draft;
  • Interview
  • School Historic Assessment, Curriculum Vitae (duly proven); Letters of Recommendation and Proposal of Intent;
  • Written Proof of Proficiency (Reading and Comprehension of Texts in the Area of Studies on Women and Gender) in English Language.

§ 1-All items of the selection exam have a eliminatory character, except for item 5., English language proficiency, which will have a classificatory character.

§ 2-The candidates/holders of certificates provided by educational institutions of this language, according to the criteria established by the selection committee, shall be exempt from the English language test.

§ 3-The candidates/those who obtain general average 7 (seven) or above shall be approved.

§ 4-A/candidates who obtain grades below 7 (seven) in the foreign Language proficiency test will be obliged to make new evidence at the end of the first semester of the course.

§ 5-In case of a second failure, will be automatically disconnected from the course.

§ 6-The principle of anonymity in the correction of projects and written examination will be observed.

Art. 12-All the holders of a diploma, recognized in the country, of an academic master's degree in studies on women, gender and feminism and related areas defined by the collegiate of the course, may be admitted in the doctorate.

Art. 13-The selection of candidates to doctorate will be made by a selection committee, consisting of at least three members and designated by collegiate of the course. The selection will be made through:

  • Evaluation of Preliminary Thesis Project;
  • Interview
  • Evaluation of School Histories, Curriculum Vitae (duly proven), Letters of Recommendation;
  • Written Proofs of Proficiency (Reading and Comprehension of Texts in Studies on Women, Gender and Feminism) in English and Another Foreign Language (French, German, or Italian);
  • Written Examination.

§ 1-All items of the selection exam have a eliminatory character.

§ 2-In case of students of the PPG-NEIM/UFBA who completed the master's degree, the English language exam is dismissed.

§ 3-The candidates/holders of proficiency certificates issued by accredited institutions of the teaching of these languages may be exempted from foreign language proofs according to the criteria established by the Graduate Committee.

Art. 14 – The students of the PPG-NEIM/UFBA of the master's degree will be able to enter the doctorate under the special programs of the promotion agencies, to change the master's degree to doctorate, with the following requirements:

§ 1-Conclusion of the master's thesis, with defense of dissertation, in a time compatible with that established by the collegiate of PPG-NEIM/UFBA, observing the norms of the funding agencies in their special programs of change of level;

§ 2-Have obtained in all disciplines attended in the master's, at most two mentions 8, the remaining above this average;

§ 3-Have presented work in relevant national or international congresses; Or published article in journals with QUALIS equal to or higher than the national B of CAPES (or prove their acceptance for publication); Or received an expressive academic award in the area;

§ 4-Meet the requirements of proficiency (reading and comprehension of texts of studies on women, Gender and feminism) in another foreign language (French, German or Italian) established for selection;

§ 5-Indication of the advisor/A to the collegiate of the course, by means of duly substantiated correspondence, to assess the same regarding the fulfilment of the formal requirements defined in this article.

Art. 15-The registration of the candidates in the selection for entry into the PPG-NEIM/UFBA will be done by submitting the following documents:

a) Diploma of course of full duration of graduation in affine area, at the discretion of the Commission;

b) School historic regarding the undergraduate course, if candidates for the first stage, or undergraduate and academic masters, if candidates to the second stage;

c) Curriculum Vitae, duly proven, referring to significant written works;

d) Copy of the identity card;

e) Proof of compliance with electoral and military obligations in the appropriate cases;

f) Letter addressed to the Commission containing the name of the applicant/A, the specification of the stage to which it is applicant, information on the time available to carry out the course, on the financial resources it has, and the reasons for which it wishes to join PPG-NEIM/UFBA;

g) Two letters of recommendation, according to the model established by PPG-NEIM/UFBA and directed directly to Commission, of two professionals in the area of studies on women, gender and feminism or affine area.

Art. 16-They will be enrolled in PPG-NEIM/UFBA, the candidates/those approved and classified in respective selection exams.

Single paragraph-in the selection process, only resources will be applicable to collegiate of the course.

Art. 17-The selection for candidates/residents abroad will be held by resolution CONSEPE No. 02/03, approved by the Chamber of Graduation and research on 02 April 2003.

Art. 18 – Registration in isolated disciplines of PPG-NEIM/UFBA will be conditional on the following requirements

a) application made by the applicant to collegiate of the course;

b) Acceptance by the teacher/A of the requested discipline;

d) Registration request in the form, to which will be attached the diploma of Higher course, curriculum vitae, school history and proof of payment of fee.

§ 1-no special student enrolment will be permitted in compulsory disciplines.

§ 2-in the category referred to in the caput of this article, each student may enroll in the maximum of 04 (four) disciplines, also respecting a maximum limit of 02 (two) disciplines per semester.

§ 3-undergraduate students may be enrolled as special students.

§ 4-A/O student/The special may pass to the condition of student/regular graduation provided that satisfies all the requirements of registration, selection and admission established for regular students.

Art. 19 – Within the deadlines set forth in the academic calendar of UFBA, transfers of masters or doctorate students from UFBA or other higher education institutions for equivalent or similar course offered by UFBA are admitted at discretion of Collegiate of latter, and provided that there is vacancy in intended course and availability for full academic attendance to/from the student.

Single paragraph – Once the request for transfer has been granted, the collegiate should indicate the need for curricular adaptations.

Art. 20 º-The student readmission disconnected/A from PPG-NEIM/UFBA will be given a new public selection.